High quality wood and composite machining

Here are some examples of industries we currently supply. We can apply these same skills to your product or component, whatever industry you work in.

Healthcare Products in Wood

We are proud of our exceptional reputation for producing wooden healthcare products. These can be manufactured using a wide range of hardwoods, softwoods, laminates or composites. Healthcare products we currently make include components for hospital beds, as well as assembled trolleys, commodes and other chairs. Finished products can be self-build (flat pack) or fully assembled. With over 40 years experience in this sector, we have the wealth of knowledge and skills necessary to tackle a wide range of products.

High Quality Furniture

Wood is widely used in the production of high quality furniture. It is a beautiful and natural material. Using timber in a design gives a warm traditional look, or use it alongside other materials, such as glass or aluminium, to realise more contemporary designs. Our highly trained team of designers is happy to offer advice on design and manufacturing. We have produced a wide range of furniture, including stands for high-end audio equipment, tables, chairs and cabinets.

Marketing Displays

Presentation is a crucial element when displaying products in a retail or showroom environment. Cardboard display units may look fine for a 2-week promotion, but lack the strength to survive long term. We have manufactured wooden displays and floor-standing units for over two decades, each one designed to present the client’s products or product literature attractively.

Wooden Leisure and Outdoor Equipment

When designing wooden products for use in the sun, rain and ice, customers demand a long service life and hardwearing finish. Our design and in-house spray departments will ensure adequate protection is applied to any designs that will be exposed to harsh environments. The choice of material and finish are paramount and our team can talk you through the best options. Outdoor products we have manufactured for others include planters, notice boards, sports equipment and signage.

High-end Audio Cabinets

When quality matters, we have the experience to cope. Speakers and other audio equipment look great with wood cabinets, but producing these requires raw materials with no defects, the best possible surface finish from our spray shop and careful packaging and handling. We have significant experience in all of this which we put to use for several clients in the premium audio market.

Automotive Components

Wood components add a lavish finishing touch to a vehicle, which explains why it is still widely used by luxury automotive manufacturers. Using wood for fascias, trims and other components in a vehicle is not just for aesthetics – wood is a renewable resource and is a great choice when striving to meet legislation on end-of-life disposal. We have experience of manufacturing a significant range of products, including dashboard fascias and trims for iconic cars, including for Aston Martin. When customer specifications demand engineering grade materials, we can also manufacture in composites.