Precision Woodworking

Gordon Ellis & Co –
150 years of experience

Over the last 150 years, our family woodwork business has grown from small beginnings, with horses and hand tools, to today’s modern CNC precision woodworking.

We started making wooden window frames for buildings, but now can make a wide variety of products and components. We can machine composites, produce beautiful wooden furniture and make everything from jar lids to hardwood planters. The one consistent factor has been innovation – working hard to meet our customers’ expectations, even if that takes investment in new equipment and techniques.

It’s not just computers, we still make use of traditional skills today, passed down through the decades, which gives us the best of both worlds and a thorough understanding of working with a wide range of softwood, hardwood and treated timber. Our development team and engineers have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a technically superior and cost-effective solution, tailored to your needs.

Upon project inception, our designers will work closely with your project team to create a compelling product solution. Our development team is constantly working with materials supply and manufacturing technology to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry. Thanks to our own in-house finishing, assembly and packing departments, we can keep a close eye on the quality of your finished items and strive to ensure you are always satisfied with the quality of our work.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Gordon Ellis & Co:

Design Team

Our in-house design team has over 100 years of combined experience in product and component design, giving us the expertise to propose innovative solutions. Your project requirements are always the key focus and we will design to reduce costs and give minimal wastage.

Precision Woodworking

Six CNC machines are operated by a highly skilled team who have the knowledge to interpret and realise the design intent. Currently, our maximum capability is 3m x 1.8m.

Value Added Service

We offer outstanding project management, excellent assembly and packaging solutions as well as spray and coating applications, which all contribute to value added service. We provide drop-shipping from our modern warehouse, so your product can be made, packed, picked and sent out, without you having to handle it. Our large manufacturing plant allows us the luxury of offering our customers bulk production, holding them in stock until delivery instructions are given.

Quality Service

You can be assured of our quality of service as we are BSI certified. We have quality control systems, regular audits and spot checks, in addition to our customers’ own quality checks. We are proud to be ISO9001 accredited.


American Ash, Beech, Iroko, Sapele – we know the world of softwood and hardwood timbers inside out. We also work with chipboard, laminate, plywood and composite materials. All our timber stocks are from well-managed sources, including FSC certified timbers. We keep large stocks of virgin woods from around the world, which allows us to cut down on lead times and meet your deadline.