Case Study

The Product

Demon Lamp

Client: Zombie Lighting

Rotamoulding lends itself brilliantly to lighting, and works perfectly for the eerie glow of Zombie Lighting’s Demon Lamp. We look after the whole process: manufacture, assembly of the light fixture and packaging into retail boxes, ready for despatch.

We are proud of the Demon Lamp, as it pushes the edges of what is possible in Rotamoulding. There are many tight cavities in the tool, such as the sharp points on the fingers and toes, which take careful moulding to produce. We can also mould this lamp in natural material, which is a translucent off-white, which, combined with a colour changing lamp, gives a colourful new take on a brilliant design.

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Our Expert

Andy Daft
T: 01332 856 026

“Rotamoulding is great for lighting, it gives the Demon Lamp its eerie glow”

Photo of Andy Daft