Case Study

The Product

Water Tank

Client: Swift Caravan

We are very proud to produce water storage tanks for leisure industry giant Swift Caravans. Our team was able to work with Swift to reduce their production costs, by developing a multi-layer moulding to save them from the additional time and cost of having to put an insulating jacket around each tank by hand. The new tank design doesn’t require an extra insulating jacket, because it is made of three different layers. The inner layer is completely water safe, surrounded by an insulating second layer. At all points that water needs to leave the tank, the inner layer comes out past the second layer, so that water is only ever in contact with the water safe layer. The tank is then surrounded by a clear sealing layer. To further increase the speed of production, the tanks arrive ready to “place and plug”, with no further work needed. Our added value work includes moulding in and attaching fittings, electronic sensors for the water level and other ancillary parts.

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Our Expert

Alan Winfield
T: 01332 856002

“Using three layers instead of one means we have reduced our customer's production costs.”

Photo of Alan Winfield