Case Study

The Product

Tee Marker

Client: Tacit Golf

Plastic is the ideal choice for tee markers on the golf course. It defies vandals because it floats and frustrated golfers can take a swing at it without it shattering. Our patented twin shot moulding method lets us mould two colours at the same time, making these markers really stand out. Markers are put in place at the boundary of the tee on a golf course so that it is clearly defined for golfers. These markers are usually wood, ceramic or plastic, and there’s lots of reasons why plastic is the ideal choice. Our client’s original design was made of phenolic resin (billiard ball material), which shatters when it is hit by a stray golf club. It was also not buoyant, so they could not be recovered if vandals threw them in the lake. We created a hard-wearing, light and buoyant marker, which now foiled the vandals and resisted damage from frustrated golfers. By using a patented twin shot moulding method, we could mould two colours at the same time, without contamination or colour bleeding. This made the range of markers really stand out in the market. They can also be moulded in translucent material if illumination is preferred.

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Our Expert

Mark Devereux
T: 01332 810504

“These were so successful they asked us to create another range of designs”

Photo of Mark Devereux