Case Study

The Product

Radar Reflector

Client: Firdell

Firdell have been making radar reflectors since 1976 and have gained a well-deserved reputation for safety at sea. They chose Gordon Ellis & Co. for the launch of their Blipper radar reflector and have been consistently impressed with our mouldings, saying “it is a challenging product because it’s important that the radio waves penetrate the plastic”. The radar reflector is mounted to a boat to improve radar visibility, which is especially important for smaller boats and in poor weather conditions. It has to withstand a tough life out at sea, which makes rotational moulding particularly well suited, as the product is produced to be impervious to air and water, keeping the salty seawater away from the metalwork inside. The inside of the reflector, as seen in the cutaway pictures, contains elaborate metalwork designed to reflect as much of the incoming radar signal as possible. We can easily mould structures into a plastic product, such as aluminium, steel or composites, with the end result being a one-piece moulding that can stand up to rough conditions out at sea.

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Our Expert

Andy Daft
T: 01332 856026

“Rotamoulding is ideal for this because the Blipper gets a really tough life at sea”

Photo of Andy Daft