Case Study

The Product

Paediatric Sledge

Client: Cerebra Innovation Centre

The Cerebra Sledge is specially designed for children with disabilities, so that they can get out in the snow with their family when their wheelchair would get stuck. The design was led by Cerebra Innovation Centre, which is based at Swansea Metropolitan University, incorporating improvements suggested by our woodwork designers. The Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) is a small team of designers and engineers producing novel equipment for disabled children. The CIC was originally set up because although some equipment is available to buy, it often doesn’t look very nice or it does not suit the requirements of some children. They develop a solution and then look for a manufacturer to produce on a larger scale. Gordon Ellis & Co. were very pleased to take on this challenge, as the sledge uses a lot of our key skills, such as CNC machining, spraying and finishing, even packing, boxing and despatching. By working in partnership on the Sledge, Gordon Ellis and Cerebra hope to reduce some of the social stigma attached to disability products, by making a good-looking, fun and functional sledge.

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Our Expert

Colin Doyle
T: 01332 856027

“A good solid product and made many children happy last winter.”

Photo of Colin Doyle