Case Study

The Product

Fuel Tank

Client: CCM

Rotational moulding is ideal for making components for the automotive industry. CCM are UK manufacturers of rugged off-road motorcycles with high expectations of quality and safety. We were very excited to be involved in the development of their brand new Adventure Bike, which was launched at the NEC in 2014. This is our latest work with CCM, as part of our relationship which goes back some 20 years. The new rear fuel tank is shaped to fit exactly into the remaining space at the back of the bike. It features in-tool fixings, for quick fitting to the bikes in production, and ducts moulded into the tank for the brake light cabling to run through. Our first fuel tank mouldings for CCM were made in cross-linked silver and yellow. These tanks worked well, but their designers wanted to get a step ahead of the competition and make the tanks even stronger. Nylon is ideal for motorbike parts as it gives a great surface finish, but it does crack under heavy impact. Our engineers developed a twin layer process: paintable nylon on the outside for strength and finish, and plastimer foam on the inside. This extra foamed layer gives a high impact inner skin to prevent petrol leakage in the event of an accident. By using two layers, we can give nylon higher impact strength at low temperatures.

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Our Expert

Mark Devereux
T: 01332 810504

“We have been making unique fuel tanks for CCM's motorbikes for 20 years”

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