Case Study

The Product

Ashby Raised Toilet Seat

Client: Gordon Ellis Healthcare

The rotamoulding facility at Gordon Ellis & Co was started to supply our healthcare division. The healthcare market demands high quality rotamouldings, often in bright white. For these products, no defects are tolerated. Any contamination of different colours, rough edges or poor surface finishes is refused as healthcare customers have the highest expectations. We apply the skills we have learned from this in all of the mouldings we produce, setting us apart among the cleanest working rotamoulders you will find. We have complete trust in the quality of our toolmakers, in the UK, Europe and China. As an example, the tool for our Ashby Toilet Seats is always in production, every day, but is still in use after 20 years. We can make repairs in-house to tools and can have them recoated and polished, to keep them in good working order.

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Our Expert

Fiona Ellis-Winkfield
T: 01332 810504

“We really trust the quality of our toolmakers”

Photo of Fiona Ellis-Winkfield